An open letter to the USCCB.


In response to this open letter from the USCCB.


Dear USCCB and other “religious leaders” who signed your open letter,

As parents of gender diverse children and young people, many of us come together to support each other as we buffer our sproggets against the cruel effects of a society that often dehumanises them and frequently uses religious sentiment to deny them self-determination and agency.

In times past, your organisation has claimed special knowledge about the best way to live our lives and people have relied on your wisdom, believing it to be god-given. But no more, and definitely not in this matter. Your institution(s) have consistently shown themselves as refuges for those who would harm children and your oft-repeated response of protecting the churches and valuing dogma over the well-being of the vulnerable people in your care is manifestly inadequate from those who claim a ‘leadership’ role.

The evidence across the board shows that gender diverse people of all ages have better outcomes when they receive affirmation of their gender expression and are supported in their right to determine for themselves the best way to spend their lives and manage their relationships. This civil freedom is a right that should be afforded to all people, from choosing the clothes they wear, the social roles that they play, the professions that they perform, the healthcare that they seek and the happinesses that they pursue.

You see, it is not for us (or you) to decide identity for our children. We simply respond to their identities with (actual) love, compassion and respect for their abilities to decide for themselves who they are and how they wish to live – we maintain that it is the opposite that causes them harm – That trying to dictate rigid gender attributes and roles that have never fit all members in our society has long been a source of angst and misery for many people. Love is not about controlling or dictating or denying.

We reject your claim that good lives cannot be lived while experiencing things outside the narrow boundaries that you seek to define. We reject your claim of superior knowledge in this area and will instead be listening to what gender diverse people tell us that they need. It is our experience that this is the best path toward happiness and peace for our families.

See you in 50 years when you catch up.


The Most Irreverent Yolanda Bogert.

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