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The First Australian National Trans Mental Health Study


This report is a vital step towards improving mental healthcare and healthcare generally for trans persons – Please take the time to read and share it.



Included in the preface is a link to the story of Amber Maxwell, a young woman who wrote about her life in Western Australia shortly before she died, another victim of our failure to address trans healthcare needs.


Sadness today.


I’ve been trying to find words since I read the heartbreaking and tragic story of Leelah Alcorn last night. I want to say things, but I don’t know quite how.

It’s all just so damned unnecessary.. Her pain, her loneliness.. her death. Bah.. I have no words. It’s just so very sad. Such an articulate young woman, she said it – This is not good enough. We need to fix it. We’re failing our kids.

I wish I knew the way to explain to parents that they don’t own their children, that they aren’t the ones that get to choose who their children grow up to be, or what they believe or how they express themselves or what they do with their lives. What you do get a say in is how your sprog experiences their world and family – You get to choose whether or not they are shamed for who they are and you get to choose whether or not they feel safe and loved and cherished and accepted.

This is a really easy decision.

To any sprogs out there who can relate to Leelah, who feel the same hopelessness, I wont try to placate you with “It gets better”. But it CAN. I’m begging you, please don’t take the out that Leelah chose. Please give us another chance. There ARE people out here who care and who want to help you make things better. We WILL make things better.

If there is nobody else to turn to, message Kai and I and we will try and help you source local support resources. Please hang in there, baby.